One Glove Academy North East - Develop, grow and give yourself the platform to go pro

The One Glove Company goalkeeper gloves are not only endorsed by professional keepers worldwide, but have expanded to an extensive range of products offering a professional solution for goalkeepers of all levels, whatever your requirements.

At the official One Glove Goalkeeper Academy you’ll be coached and improved by our hand picked, elite goalkeeper coaches within our brand new facility. Develop, grow and give yourself the platform to go pro.

2019/20 Elite Development Centre Annual Programme

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One Glove Academy North East

NEA Director & NUFC goalkeeper Rob Elliot and NUFC goalkeeper Martin Dubravka greet OneGlove attendees at a recent session. #TrainPlayWearOne

Frequently asked questions

For more information on One Glove Academy North East, including session information and how to join, please contact

Are you new to goalkeeping? Confused by the different types of gloves?

If you are relatively new to goalkeeping it can be quite daunting trying to wrap your head around the different cuts available. What is the difference? What are the benefits of this cut and that cut? We’ve all been there at some point so don’t worry! Come back soon to view our range of gloves available to buy.

Can you help me with the different goalkeeper glove cuts?

No problem! We understand that not all keepers are aware of the benefits and differences between the various types of glove cuts, latex’s and styles. If you have a question or simply require a bit of help picking the right glove for you then please contact us absolutely any time. We will work with you to find the perfect pair from our excellent range.

Who wears The One Glove?

Our gloves have been worn by professional stoppers everywhere for over a decade which we believe is testament to our quality, and are currently the choice of goalkeepers from the Conference right up to the English Premier League. Not only that but WSL keepers and coaches of the highest level are choosing to wear One Glove. Whether you are male, female or a coach of the game you are not alone – when you wear “ONE” you make the right choice, you make the professional’s choice.